TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that ruined your big moment?

During my wedding my sister let her kids get into my cake before we had a chance to cut it ourselves. Really ruined the moment to cut our cake

My SIL. My son was receiving his Eagle Scout Award. But during it she threw up everywhere. And started blaming me because I made food she's can't eat

My mother threw a fit and made our wedding day a completely awkward and uncomfortable time for everybody because when didn't do the traditional wedding cake

My father in law announced my first pregnancy before I had and even requested family to not say anything until we gave them the green light. I hadn''t even told my work at that point haha.

Mother in law was last one to find out we were pregnant because she wasn't paying attention. Told her later and she flipped us off since she was last

The day I got engaged, my husband’s oldest sister hugged me and said, "It should be me getting married not you." =3 he was the middle child and first to get married of 7...

When we told my mom that we were pregnant with my 2nd son, she threw the pregnancy test at me and said "way to go guys"! She’s so embarrassed about it now

My sister in law wears a white lace dress to every wedding... including mine

Went to tell my mom news on speaker. I said "guess what?" "You're getting divorced?" Nope pregnant. She hung up. Didn't talk for 9 mo

Announced baby 5 at 35yo, my Mom said, "Wht, r u stupid?!" Make it worse she was excited bout my 18yo sis havin her 2nd baby round same time.

Sorry my voice texting kind of sucks. So I was 27 and became pregnant while I was single but very capable and very excited myself. When I told my mom she was excited also. But she was not excited because she was going to have a grandbaby she was excited because she saw this as an opportunity for her best friend who cannot have babies to become a parents. Never asked me and my thoughts but immediately started telling her friend about May being pregnant and her possibly becoming a mom. I kept my son who is now an awesome 9 year old and to this day my mom has never apologized and frankly she does that kind of thing often so I would not expect her to anyways

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