TEXT TOPIC: Do you know someone that pretends to be single but they aren't?

Do you know someone that pretends to be single but they aren't?

My boyfriend has never been forthcoming with information about his personal life at work until now. It bothered me so I made a stink.

My parents don’t do anything together but they’ve been together for almost 60 years. People at my church used to try and hook my mom up because they didn’t know she was married!

My husband in college got a few girls mad at him for "failing to mention his wife"

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half and a lot of my old friends and extended family don't know because I haven't come out publicly yet.

BF would tell coworkers that he "had nobody in his life". He said "it's nobody's business"...

Most of my coworkers think I am single cause when we are out at the bar I flirt with any cute guys who come by, but I am happily married and just like to flirt to feel attractive. One coworker actually asked me out and I told them "I’ll have to ask my husband first" and they didn’t think that was funny.

I am a traveling sales rep and some of my colleagues don't remember they have 5 children @ home once they get on the airplane @ SLC! Men on blast!

My neighbor has several Instagram accounts where he is always showing his travels and how amazing his life is... He shows pics of his kids like he''s super dad but has never mentioned his wife. He acts like he''s this amazing single dad and he''s actually a just a jerk that is cheating on his wife.

My Bro in law. He's cheated with at least 4 different women & even kicked my sis out to live the bachelor life for a few months. She's still with him

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