TEXT TOPIC: What happened during the interview?

I went to go sit on a Roley chair, and it slipped out from underneath me before the job interview even started. They did end up giving me the job

I was interviewing for a receptionist position. Lady showed up in sweats and a hoodie and said she can’t do anything that will mess up her weave LOL

when I was 23, had one of my first interviews after getting married, was ask what my weaknesses were and I said, "weakness, I don’t have any, none I can think of. I am pretty strong". Needless to say, didn’t get the job.

interview w/a prego girl, being nice gave her my personal chair. water broke on the new office chair I had to BEG for.

interview for promotion day after wisdom teeth removal I broke stitches bleeding from mouth cried from pain Got the job

I went to an interview. And I asked them if it was OK if I bring my three-year-old daughter to work if I couldn’t find a babysitter.= The look on that lady’s face was priceless

I applied for a manufacturing job bring my resume shows varies of my experiences, the interviewer said we’re looking for someone who can work with a machine not some corporate career. Well, I’m sorry I’m not a foreigner I don’t know how you guys roll here. I walked out.

my phone kept vibrating so the interviewer told me to answer it. It was news that my grandpa had died. But I ended up getting the job

applied for a job where my friend worked. She told me to come by one day. Came with my 5-month-old and dressed a mess. She forgot to.  It was for a formal interview. *facepalm!*

An 18-year-old girl was interviewed for a pet daycare job & started talking about how she was going to be a vet and she could neuter a dog with her eyes closed

During an interview, I had a sneezing attack. While sneezing I farted. I didn't get the gig

co-worker used 2 walk around Bragging how she fell asleep in her interview & our boss still hired her! I know ur listening stop walking around BSing!

while interviewing students for a desk position one of the ?s was how do you help build a good team and his response...don't be a douche. Lol!

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