TEXT TOPIC: Why didn't you get the job?

The interview went great. Towards the end, I told them their website said "everyone has a story and I have one too" I was honest and told them about my background. The next day I got the email saying they were moving on to other candidates

I interviewed for a security job and told them I had a trip I was going on, I pulled my phone out of my bra to check when and I pretty sure that why I didn’t get it

Got a referral for a job from a friend. He asked me out after I was hired. Said no. Got a call &was told they changed their mind the next day.

I know I didn't get the job because I cried at my interview. I've never done that, but they asked a question about my employment gap and it was 9months because my son was in the hospital from being bullied.

didn't get the job, the hiring manager turned out to be friends with my current boss.

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