TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive rant?

dude u live down the hall! Go home stop mooching everyone's beer and trying to linger at our house until 2 in the freaking morning

Hey, babe have you ever heard of foreplay? It leads to more fun things. We should try it sometime

listen up manager I haven’t missed a day in 2 years and you miss 2-3 days every week. Don’t write me up for calling in sick ONCE in two years =<

mom, we hardly talk because the moment we do, you're already asking for money

My coworker gets treated like a supervisor but she is the most useless. She is the slowest and always on her phone but the bosses never see it

Don’t ask 4 my advice if you don’t want the honest truth. Didn’t hear what you wanted & blocked me on social after 16 yrs of friendship. Sorry, not sugarcoating it 4 ya!

to my wife, I love you but with a lack of intimacy you're pushing me away into stepping out for side piece

To the lady who constantly accuses the sales people at my job of being racist....... it’s not the color of your skin that makes people annoyed by you. It’s just YOU and the way you treat people.

to my ex: the only reason you didn’t want to be with me is because I wasn’t skinny enough and I’m a size 6. You are selfish, shallow manipulative and don’t know how to love! I feel horrible for the person you end up with!

I want to tell my boss she has a control problem and everyone that used to work here quit because of her.

I'm not the pushover you think I am. I've had enough of your CRAP and your immaturity. Grow the hell up and stop being big babies!

I wish I had a freckle-faced muscular hub to carry a GD computer downstairs so it's not in the walkway..yea you JEREMY!

it's not my fault you're a broke ass

Hey, dumb dodge truck thanks for cutting me off on redwood without using your blinker! #passiveaggressive

I'm going on vacation with my family whether you like it or not. Suck It up buttercup. I never get a break

how dare u feel disrespected 4 making u wash your hands to hold my baby, Yet treated me like trash & walking incubator while pregnant

hey babe.. have you heard of a thing called A DAMN JOB?!?!??

maybe instead of blaming me for all of your families issues you should try taking a look at how you treat your children

I saw the online review you left me, I'm not sorry you can't read your tags, receipt, and the counter! Grow up!

To my ex, it's been 2 years, its time to communicate like adults. Our daughter deserves her Daddy again.

I’m so over this relationship. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that but maybe one of your side girls/guys will hear this and call you out as well

Hey Boss, you suck

hey, work "friend" stop bombarding me with every little issue before I've even turned my computer on in the morning. And you wonder why people don't like you

stop being such a horrible ex to deal with! You're the one that cheated and broke the marriage

I will not keep hush about what happened. You will pay!

to my brother, give up the Xanax and clean up your life. I feel like Your a father! Your issues have kept our parents from giving me the attention I need!

stop listening to other people’s conversations and assuming everyone is talking about you. Keep your damn drama to yourself. We don’t want you in our department anyways.

When I ask for help I'm not talking just to hear myself speak. Sorry but I don't feel like asking you to be a dad is all that much. (Not sorry)

Your getting paid to work with my child, I am the parent, stop undermining my authority!

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