TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! February 27, 2018

Something good. My daughter's volleyball team took silver medal after 10+ hours of playing. So proud of Lexi's under 13-year team. #begreat

I’ve been dating a guy for about 6 weeks and we hit it off so well that we’ve already made it official as of this weekend! I have a boyfriend, yay! Lol. Love you guys

Gonna have a baby this week hopefully. My wife is trying to make it happen haha

I received my 21 years of service award recently in the group I'm in it was a total surprise wasn't expecting it.

Something good. I'm off today with no kids to clean their room and throw away some of their toys w/o then seeing lol

One of my four daughters is getting her braces off today

Found out after 7 embryo transfers and 3 rounds of IVF, I am finally pregnant!!!

My son won the state championship for the high school hockey! So fun to see their hard work pays off!

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