TEXT TOPIC: Do you feel insecure because of your significant other's ex?

My husband's ex is a size 3, speaks Spanish fluently and is blonde and green-eyed Latina. I’m a size 16 and there are times when he says you should go blonde, you can lose the weight I feel like he compares me to her

My boyfriend before he was with me was, to say the least, known for being VERY friendly with women! Sometimes I will come across them on Facebook and seeing how beautiful and thin they are, I get SO insecure, especially cause we just had a baby so I’m not looking my greatest at the moment.

I’m insecure sometimes. My BF wouldn’t shut up about his exes. I had to ask him to stop. One of them is "the one that got away". He was upset when she got engaged.

My mom in law & sis in law would always talk about how my husbands ex was doing, always updated us on her FB posts in front of me for the first two years of dating.

My girl comes from a military family and her ex is a Marine and in shape, I'm the farthest thing from that and it's always on my mind. It sucks.

My hubs ex-gf is super slutty. I am not. Not a prude but insecure. We are great in every way but that.

my hubby didn't want to have a baby w/me but he had 2 with his ex &I really wanted one together, he didn't want to get married for the longest time.his whole family still talks to her even though he hates her and she’s screwed us over w/kids.

My husbands Ex caused a lot of problems in our marriage. Her parents got married and divorced to each other 3 x's and she thought that would happen with my husband. I threw a wrench in her plans. She sent 600 hate emails to me in 1 year. When we had our son she called him the devil spawn. It's been hard to take.

my hubby's ex messed him up pretty bad And my sister-in-law Compares me to her

Hubby's ex married his best friend. My in-laws (esp sis in law) thinks they're the worlds greatest couple. HATE IT!!

Husbands family told me I was a phase & he would end up back with an ex when we first started dating, ex cried when she found out I was pregnant.

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