TEXT TOPIC: Are you the mom that hides candy from your kids?

I hide the goods in a plastic bag hanging in the closet between clothes. The bag hangs low enough you can't tell it's there. Love getting dressed ;)

My mother in law would hide her ice cream in an empty shrimp bag b/c no one else liked shrimp!

My wife does this. She hides it for so long it goes bad and no one gets to enjoy it.

I have to hide the good snacks from my 2 boys and husband, if I don't hide them they are gone before I get any.

I heard my mom unwrapping candy bars in the bathroom

If there is candy in the house my husband will eat all of it. I have candy hidden all over the house but the best place is the salad spinner. I even find candy years later that I have hidden and forgotten about. If I don't hide it I don't do any of it.

Mom since we were kids she hides the chocolate covered cherries with the clear filling that u only get at Xmas n Vday she hides boxes that aren’t hers too!

I hide stuff from my kids and husband all the time either in my purse, the stove or I take it to work with me!!

Hell yea I hide my good candy! My family don’t appreciate my Dove chocolate

I hide candy in my underwear drawer thinking it will stop people but it doesn't they still take my candy

My mother in law wasn't even discrete she had a lock on her closet...she had a mini fridge in there with soda too!!

Every time my mom comes to visit, she stash is candy under the headboard in the guest room. As soon as she leaves, the kids ransack the guest room. It’s like a version of The Hunger Games!

I live in a house of men. Therefore I hide all of my treats in an empty tampon box. They'll never think to look there.

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