These are the tests you need to get done for your Thyroid

Our very own Jess has struggled with Graves disease since 2003. If you are worried about having a thyroid problem, here is the information that helped Jess. 

Pictures below are the pictures of Jess before and after she got her eye surgery. When you have Graves Disease a symptom is bulging eyes. If you don't get your eyes fixed your eyes can literally fall out. 

Common Graves’ disease symptoms are:

  • anxiety
  • bulging eyes
  • chest pain
  • difficulty sleeping and/or insomnia
  • elevated blood pressure
  • fatigue
  • hand tremors
  • increased sweating
  • irregular menstrual periods
  • irritability or nervousness
  • more frequent stools and/or diarrhea
  • muscle weakness
  • rapid or irregular heartbeat
  • restlessness
  • sensitivity to heat
  • shortness of breath and/or difficulty breathing
  • unexplained weight loss (typically despite an increase in appetite)
  • vision problems or changes

The tests that you need to get tested are these: 




You can get these tested by making an appointment with Red River Health and Wellness in South Jordan

Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess

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