Rally for Rusty

My name is Rick Davie.  My little Brother is Rusty Davie.   I live in Kearns and Rusty lives in Magna.   I wanted to share my brothers story to raise as much support as I can to help him and his family with everything they have been through and everything coming.  In Oct last year my brother was diagnosed with Adult (all) acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  This was extremely unexpected especially due to the fact that a number of doctors diagnosed him with Graves’ disease because of his eyes, which he does not have.   One Dr decided to look into my brothers situation further and because he did he saved his life long enough to allow him this battle.  I will send you that Doctors name.   He deserves the credit!!  I believe KSL was going to run a story a few months back related to my brother.  Demetri (Rusty’s son) shaved his head after his dad lost his hair and I shaved mine as a promise.   When a teacher saw Demetri being made fun of because of his head, he went home a shaved it on a lunch break.  Since October he has have been in and out of the hospital with chemo treatments.  This last week was 6 days of radiation and back to chemo yesterday and today.  If all goes well he will receive a transplant for our brother this Wednesday.   Anyway I am happy to answer any questions to complete a story for you I will also include a link to his gofundme page.  


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Frankie and Jess

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