TEXT TOPIC: The family member that holds the WILL over other family members

My grandma! She told me that if she didn't love me so much she would write me out of the Will because I'm a Democrat!

My stepmother held the will over my head. So only kids with advanced degrees would be included in the will. Lucky for me she died before my dad, so everything went to my dad. Now I''m firmly in the will.

gram has a black book. If your name gets into that book, you get docked in the will. She also decides who she wants to say a few words at her funeral. Heaven forbid we don''t get to speak at the funeral

my grandmother did this. My grandma had a piece of property with a cabin on the lake that was willed to my mom and it was my moms happy place and meant the world to her. my mom didn't "obey" her. My parents and us kids spent everything weekend growing up there. She cut my mom out and sold the property to hurt her.

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