TEXT TOPIC: Do you do the opposite of what your parents want you to?

My dad had the house like a museum. Clean & everything in the same place forever. I don't ever totally clean my house. Always need 1 room messy.

hate making my bed now because it was such a deal growing up. During the summer if I went to a friend’s house and my bed wasn’t made my mom would make me come home to make it.

my parents made me wait until I was 12 to pierce my ears. In high school I got rebellious and went a bit nuts piercing my ears multiple times, by myself. So much so that my mom said she was worried I would look like a "S,L,U,T"

I'm LDS but since my parents pushed me to go to church every weekend when I was a child my family and I have a hard time going on a weekly bases due to me

grew up with hoarder grandparents and clean freak parents. My house cleaning gets done when I feel like my house is turning into a hoarders.

parents told me 2 stay away from Hispanics &African Americans. growing up I made friends w/ every 1 could find. weren't many but They're my besties

My parents were always getting after me to make my bed now as an adult I hate making the bed and my husband always does it.

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