TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

I'm sleeping with the boss ... he's married

My best friends wife is super active in the church but she will come over to my house and drink beer with my wife... he has no idea

I have been having an affair with a married man from tooele for 1.5 years now. I didn’t know he was married at first but I am completely in love with him. It’s wrong but it’s also not a good marriage either. Hasn’t been for years.

Just had sex with my co-worker & want more but know it's not a good idea

I'm a female, 23 and I've been doing adult online streaming. Nobody knows, I wear masks so you can't tell it's me. The best way to pay my schooling.

My dirty little secret is my bother in law asked me if I wanted to get back at my husband for lying to me about smoking cigarettes. He wanted me to sleep with me

I watch dirty movies when my hubs is in the office & kids are at school. My hubs thinks my son is using all the batteries but it's ME!!! Zzzz..

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