TEXT TOPIC: Do your friends and family take advantage of your services?

Photography, my equipment was expensive and my time is valuable, no it's not free, family gets discounts but not you best friends cousin

Work in IT always getting people to want me to set up there phones fix their computers even set up there play station

I’m a Medical assistant, friends and family want/ask for things all the time.

I'm a tile with my own business. Everybody in my fam and friends wants me to do the work for next to nothing. This is the way I feed my family people

I’m a barber and apparently that means no one in your life has to pay for a haircut ever! It’s one think of I offer but everyone just assumes it’s free. It sucks. I hate confrontation but it seems inevitable if I want to ever get paid for a hair cut.

My daughter is trying you build her hair & nail business. Friends & family want her to do them for free or a substantial discount that rarely cover her product expense.

I work at Comcast and I always hear about everyone's issues

I am a hairdresser, they want my services for free!

I am an IT professional and photographer and everyone wants everything for free

I am an Esthetician and permanent makeup artist and EVERYONE wants it for free. STOP ASKING ME.

nurse. >( no you’re not dying. No you don’t have aids. No. WebMD is incorrect

I make custom cakes and people always want unique fancy custom cake for Costco sheet cake price or free

Dog groomer. Own my business. Family members think it's a hobby and I should do it free. No. This feeds my family. #PaidForByDogHair.

My husband is a photographer and is constantly asked to work for free or a discount. The best is I can pay you in baked goods...the mortgage can’t be paid in brownies people!!

I’m a licensed cosmetologist and my family especially my in-laws always want me to do their hair for free in fact if I don’t do their hair for free they will go somewhere else and pay someone 9 times out of 10 their hair gets screwed up and I end up fixing it it’s like a slap in the face

I’m a dog trainer and EVERYONE wants free dog training advice! Anytime someone hears what I do for a living the first thing they say is "oh that’s great!.... I have a dog that....."

Work for a parking company and when my family gets tickets because they didn’t pay their parking they asked me to get them taken care of and voided every time

I'm an interior designer. People always ask for advice on paint colors, and where to put furniture. But I ask my dermatologist cousin for skin advice so ya

Worked for an airline for 20 years....enough said.

I do hair and makeup and everyone always wants me to do it for free or discount it. My mom use to always ask me every day to do her makeup and if I didn’t t she would start throwing a fit

I make wedding cakes. Nephew asked for one for free. I would have charged $450 for the one I made for them.

Designing websites/apps/logos/brands and get hit up all the time to do it free or SOMETIMES for trade.


husband is a mechanic. People always want free service!

I have a great idea for CP. Dental professionals. Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, lab techs. I don't think you've ever done this one before

My husband is a cop and he gets us the weirdest questions over to help friends and families families and friends

I make eyeglasses, the best I can do is our price of goods.

My daughter does hair and make up. I pay her even when she tells me no. It's her time she could fill with a paying customer. She has bills too

Work as an Accountant. Everyone I''ve ever know comes out of the woodwork at tax time. Don''t want to pay me for my time, want to call and have me walk them through every schedule on their retun. #imbusy #makeanAppointment

Worked for Rc Willey... everyone wanted my discount

Our family owns a Locksmith shop. Everyone including my husband's sister wants everything free.

Work for a cell phone company. F&F want free phones all the time!

I'm a graphic designer and my family always is expecting me to design invitations, artwork, posters, etc. for free! It drives me crazy!!! My grandma got mad

I work in law enforcement and people ask me to run background checks.. sorry, I'm not going to risk my job so you can scope out your new boy toy!

I work in a pharmacy. I have family and friends texting pictures of pills asking questions about what their doctor just prescribed them, and in some cases asking for free antibiotics. Um NO!

I am a CPA and have people in and out of the fam ask me to do taxes for free.

I work at Best Buy and everyone always asks if they can hook them up with deals

My wife has her hair license and everyone thinks she should cut their hair for free and pay for all the chemicals. Basically my wife pays them.

I work for a company that sells containers. I have family members asking me for buckets and water storage containers for free all the time.

I'm a welder and get In- laws wanting me to fix something or make them things. They know someone else would charge them for the same service but I''m family so it''s free right?

Sister and I own a campground and rental biz (ATV, =, kayaks,etc) bear Moab and we are always hit up for the hook up.

I do some freelance editing. The number of documents and papers I get from friends and family to edit is ridiculous. I should start charging by the page.

Wife is a teacher and gets asked to tutor others' kids for a test and expect it free because it is only for a short period of time.

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