TEXT TOPIC: What are your memorable teacher stories?

Mr. Manning was my athletic trainer, and he was the best teacher I ever had. I fell and sprained my ankle, and he picked me up and took care of me. California teacher

I had my daughter when I was in high school. I had a hard time. One of my teachers instilled in me the importance of school. If it wasn''t for him I wouldn’t have graduated. I almost have my bachelors in Teaching I want to be that teacher That teacher knows is because of him. God bless.

I had a new high school choir teacher that came into the mix my Senior year. After years of being overshadowed because of favoritism and the politics that were involved I finally had a shot. My senior year I was the lead in the high school musical and also went to state choir. That man changed my confidence in I finally found my voice

Mr Drott at Kearns High. Was the best teacher. Recently passes away (way too soon - in his 50's) He taught Marine Biology & was amazing!

after dealing with the idiot football jock in the hallway, English teacher came in the room muttering how some people shouldn’t procreate & he’s definitely one. When the kid heard the & came in asking what she said, the teacher told him to shut up and go back in the hall and read.

1st grade teacher in WA. She was very old and mean. A kid was looking in his lunch box at the end of the day. She grabbed his lunch box and threw it across the room and screamed

high school physics teacher picked me up by my hair and threw me out of the class. Almost 20 yrs later and I haven t forgotten.

6th grade Mrs leinwebber. She is the reason I love history and the reason I wanted to be a teacher... I start at my 1st Official teaching job in July

my 7th grade choir teacher Debbie Green helped me find my voice and changed my whole life. I love her.

my brother had a teacher that when he was struggling and needed extra help would come to our house on the weekends and give him extra help. It was amazing. She just did it on her own without any pay

my high school was riddled with bomb threats. For a few months we were evacuated on almost a daily basis. Ended up being the crazy history teacher sending the threats!

Mr. Chandler at North Davis Junior High. He was my math teacher and my science teacher. He gave me the confidence I needed to strive and thrive in school. I''m 36 now and I still am grateful for him as my 7th grade teacher

my kindergarten teacher was so mean to all of us, but the school wouldn''t do anything about it because she was retiring. Parents would come in all the time to make sure she didn''t do anything too crazy.

had a teacher when I tried out for basketball in 7th grade and I got cut and she offered to stay after school to work with me so I can make the team next year , and I did make it

I'll never forget one high school teacher - she went to prison for sleeping with the student who sat next to me

i was a teen mom, my teen mom teacher. GERRY BUSATHE!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING teacher! No words to describe what she means to me. She will always have a place in my heart

I had a teacher who long story short I called an Uber moron and she gave me extra credit cause she thought it was funny.

Mr. Magglebee 6th grade @ beehive elementary in 1998 hands down the most amazing teacher. It was him that noticed that I needed glasses and also knew I needed to be challenged in class. And taught me to be accountable.

Mrs Heersink the sweetest most caring teacher of all my years. 1stb grade She made me love school and want to learn more and keep going to school

Miss C was my band teacher in HS. So passionate, loved music and instilled that in me. She died saving a bus full of kids when the driver had a medical problem. She steered the bus to safety before falling out of the bus

You kids have these amazing teachers at Wallace Stegner Academy, in SLC. Love them!!!

my sweet boy had some of the best teachers at Beehive Science and Tech Academy completely changes his life.

had a teacher in JR High who I overheard telling other teachers to fail me as I wouldn't ever amount to anything

A teacher in HS who was a million years old chased a kid wearing a hat fell down the stairs & tried to sue him

my 6th grade teacher was pretty good looking and always tried to hook me up with her daughter. About 7 years later I ran into her andher daughter...her daughter was smoking. Wish I would of taken her up on the offer.

I loved my kindergarten teacher miss karma from east elementary in Tooele. I later did an internship with her in high school and even invited her to my wedding

my third grade teacher was a special lady who very obviously loved her job and all of her students. She made us all feel special and capable. She Even sent me a gift when I had my 1st baby.

my 5th grade teacher, Miss Finch, shamed me and told me I was wrong when I corrected her when she said Texas was bigger than Alaska. She actually fought with me, telling the class I was wrong. Never gonna forget that Alaska is bigger

TEACHERS After years of being nobody to too many teachers. Miss Allsop at AFHS saw me. She saw the potential of a c- student. She never made me feel less than her AP students. Made me believe in myself. Love her still

TEACHERS in second grade my teacher sent me back to kindergarten because my friend kept talking to me. Opened me up to all the bullies, ruined school for me

TEACHERS My 6th grade teacher snapped her fingers in my face and called me stupid in front of the whole class. Walked out of school at lunch, never went back my mom home schooled me the rest of the year.

Rebecca Clifford-Simmons of wjhs taught me that passing tests didn't make you smart. Gave me a reason to go to school and not drop out.

ms chow-gove was my middle school science teacher, she had a reputation for being mean but she was the best teacher I ever had,she made me fall in love with science and learning

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