TEXT TOPIC: How do you handle family get togethers?

Fiancé has 10 siblings. Every event has to be planned AT LEAST 6mo in advance to make sure evry1 can go. Date gets changed nonstop. Its EXHAUSTING

big spaces and buffet style everything! I come from a family with 16 kids and between all of us there are 53 grandkids. We get together a few times a year and it’s always a party

we do a lot of joint parties. My bday=my dad's bday= my niece's bday= My Grandparents anniv. They're all the same month so we celebrate together

9 kids in the family, we stopped celebrating birthdays and only worry about the nephews birthdays. The general idea is make what you can and if someone gets offended because you don’t come then too bad for them.

simple you don't haha i weigh the importance of the event. If it's something that happens yearly then sorry not going. Bigger things i will try!

We always only go to the ones that come to our parties or if we have multiple we go to the ones we were invited to first

my brothers philosophy is you just don't go to anything then no one is mad! At least he thinks no one gets mad.

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