Gerry van der Walt, wildlife photography

Gerry van der Walt is a specialist photographic guide, educator, public speaker and co-founder of Wild Eye.

By combining a passion for nature photography and more than 15 years of experience as a field guide and lodge manager in various wildlife reserves throughout Africa Gerry’s goal is to not only assist people, whether through teaching them new skills or pushing them creatively, in capturing the beauty of nature but also to create an awareness of the fragile balance that exists in nature.

Gerry believes that his photography speaks for itself and his goal is to keep on creating images that will keep an awareness of our planet’s natural heritage in people’s minds.

At the same time, through the various Wild Eye safaris that he helps conceptualize and host, Gerry aims share the privilege of being out in the unspoiled wilderness area that Africa is so well-known for.

Through his company, Wild Eye, Gerry has created has created a vehicle which merges the raw beauty of traveling in some of the world’s most spectacular wilderness areas with the ability to not only capture these moments on camera but also teaching and inspiring people along the way.

Gerry looks forward to changing the way you see the world.


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