TEXT TOPIC: What annoys you about your spouse but you need to accept it!

my husband eats a root beer float nightly and he uses a tiny spoon

the sounds he makes when he eats cereal. I literally just have to leave the room!

my husband of 27 years is a typical Utah driver and does not use his blinker. It makes me crazy =. He hates it when I always mention it- I''m a Cali driver and I use my blinker!!!

Wife leaves effing dresser drawers open all the damn time

my husband will try on clothes, decide not to wear it and then hangs it back up but he does it half assed so all his clothes are about to fall off.

spouse puts stuff on the walls. Pictures, art, everything. Hardly an empty square inch of wall space. Less is definitely more in my mind--less, like none.

hubby loves to washed clean jars/cans b4 throwing to the garbage, but he can't organize/neat dishes b4 wash & he can't see that as a problem

my husband is so annoying! It doesn’t matter what is on the bed, clothes, wadded up blankets, backpacks, whatever.... he will push it to the side and get in the bed! Doesn’t move it or make the bed just sleeps right with all the crap! So annoying

Hubby stays up until 1 or 2 watching Netflix almost every night. He says it's how he unwinds so I'm trying to let him do it

Can’t stand the way my husband chews gum! His jaw cracks every time he eats too lol drives me nuts!

Every time my husband goes into the bathroom he sits down with his phone for 20 to 30 minutes, even if we are on our way out the door to go somewhere. Drives me bonkers!

chewing his gum out loud, not deciding on a parking spot, putting dishes in sink when washer is dirty, most of all singing bad to songs on purpose

My husband waits until the very last minute to do EVERYTHING. Last night signing cards for our children he realizes tomorrow is Valentine’s day. Over the last 24 years I’ve come to accept that I will be getting the last card at 7-11

I’m with Frankie on the wife taking forever to get ready. But my wife also likes to pinch me and I hate to be pinched with a passion. If you want to see me go from 0-100 in milliseconds pinch me. I get furious and she thinks it’s funny.

he can not relax. He’s remodeled our entire house and yard because he can’t sit or have nothing to do. I know it’s awesome but very annoying because LOVE my down time.

my boyfriend will wait until the last minute to get ready and then we will be 20 to 30 minutes late!

my husband will sit there and watch me or whoever is busy and just stand there with his arms crossed and not help or ask if you need help it really bugs me cause it makes him look annoying and lazy. I have had people comment about it

husband lasts MAYBE a minute and a half in bed. Sometimes I mock with it, but just wish I could have 5 minutes most times. I tried everything to get it to last. No luck.

He leaves his used glasses on the left side of the sink instead of putting them in the dishwasher that’s 2 ft away.

If I accidentally mix up words he corrects me. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY! Don't correct me.

Husband puts dirty clothes right outside dirty clothes bin. Like just put it in the basket!!

My wife is always late. Bugs me like crazy, she also leaves her shoes in the bathroom. Big pet peeve. But I love her.

Avery I love you, but you interrupt me like crazy! You know it though, Love you.

My husband loves it when our dog = licks his toes! I can’t stand the sound it makes. So gross!!!

my hubs ALWAYS has his headphones in and it takes a sec to pause his FN podcasts and say...what? Makes me insane!!!

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