TEXT TOPIC: When did you not make it to the bathroom? YIKES!

I was working late and thought it would be okay to fart in my chair. NOPE! I pooped my pants and had to throw my underwear in the work bathroom.

Stomach flu at Disneyland, pooped my pants in my sleep, its all my kids remember about that trip & its my kids favorite story to tell peeps-mom popped the bed

Had a friend who was a cop, went for a 10 mile run, 6 miles in had poop, walk of shame 6 miles home.

When my husband’s and I were dating I got sick at his house and didn’t want to use his bathroom, so I told him I had to go I was driving to Walmart to use their bathroom, Didn’t realize I was speeding and got pulled over, as I was waiting for the office to come to my door I could feel it getting ready to come out both ends. As he was walking up I opened the door leaned out and threw up and pooped my pants at the same time. He didn’t even ask for my DL

Driving alone from Layton to Yellowstone w/2babies.Had no drink so I wouldn't have to stop to use rest stops/gas station bathrooms. 1hr left & i peed myself

All the time! Hiking Ensign Peak a bday party and leaving a pool have been the most recent ones I have no keagel strength

Have a bowel problem anyways! And ended up pooping my pants in maverik I tried so hard to hold it and it didn’t work out so well! Family laughed about it later’

On my way to work from Ogden to Murray. Stopped 4 times along the way to go to the bathroom. The 5th time didn't make it. Called in after that.

Lost my battle after eating some fast food. #2 Driving home it hit me pretty quick. Got stopped at some train tracks where the crossing arms would not go up. 1 Train, and 3 front runners later I was blocked in with nowhere to go. I gave up trying to hold it in and let it all go

After gallbladder removal surgery, had a large hot coco b4 class.. not good!!! Left all my things in class, didn''t make it to the restroom and had to call my mom to help me.. #struggleisreal

Was on bladder infection meds that made my pee bright orange. I was pumping gas, recently had a baby, sound of the gas made me go and couldn’t stop. Orange pee streaming with white shorts

Thought I had to fart well I got more than I bargained for... lesson learned never trust a fart especially in public

I’ve birthed 3 ten lb babies, hardly a day goes by that I don’t cough, sneeze, or laugh myself into a new set of clothes

Walking through our new house before closing - I ran away from my husband and the builder - didn’t make it - my husband had to stuff my underwear in his cargo shorts

On fertility meds that messed my stomach up. Talking to my brother in law on the couch thought I had to toot but it ran down my leggings on the couch drips all the way to the bathroom

I was 12 years old my mom and I were heading to El Salvador and I really had to go to the bathroom at the airport. I ran as fast as I could but I didn’t make it. Worst flight ever!

Hubby was stuck at work with no replacement. He has a life/death job and can't leave. Didn't make it. He says it's cool to poop your pants (billy Madison)

#1 while pumping gas at truck stop on road trip from SLC to Omaha.

Hiking down Catherine's Lake sadleback. Hail storm hit as we headed down. No pee breaks down. At the bottom, I wasn't just wet from the hail. #1

#2,leaving the movies. Belly hurting, bum starts sweating, squeezing my cheeks together. 2min from home, didn't make it

A friend kept ticking me and I told him to stop or I''d pee, he didn''t stop and I totally peed. He said "I thought that''s just something girls said to make you stop! I didn''t know it was a real thing"

Pumping gas, it was windy and cold I had a pee shiver and peed myself

Recently found out I'm prego everytime I sneeze I pee sometimes a lot sometimes a little used to be able to go for hours

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