GOOD VIBES WITH KYLIE: A seven year old hero

An English father suffered from a burst cyst on his pancreas. He fell to the ground in tears in his Leicestershire home, and his seven-year-old daughter came to his rescue. She called 999 for the ambulance, all the while the dispatcher asked little Chloe to performed chest compressions on her 29 year old father. She let the paramedics into their home, and was with him the entire time waiting for the paramedics. 

Chloe was presented with a bravery award by East Midlands Ambulance Service at her school. It was handed to her by Cary Ward, the emergency medical dispatcher Chloe spoke to on the phone the day her father collapsed.

Her father is doing well, and is very proud of his angel. 

Chloe with her parents / Credit: Leicester Mercury
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