TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that burned you?

when I turned 18 Mom opened credit cards in my name without me knowing. She used them to pay for my tuition, housing, and other things she wanted

My sister-in-law stole my husband’s SSN and did some major damage and my mother-in-law says she was in a hard place and we need to forgive her. She’s totally on her daughter’s side.

when my father was on his death bed each of us 5 kids got to sit with him and say our goodbyes. I was the last one and my dad ended up dying in my arms, my brother was so mad that he wasn’t the one there instead of me (he was sitting with him right before me) that he stole all of my credit cards and used them. I had to have the police figure out who stole them and had to turn my brother in when the footage of him came through.

2 cousins were fighting 1 went to the others Mom and said she was a slut and that cousin told her mom it was me not her. My aunt didn’t ttalk to me for months

My sister burned me when I got divorced and she decided to not talk to me anymore because of it.

my freakin aunt, cousin and her husband. They helped my ex husband hide money from me and paid for an attorney for him to try to get full custody of my child.

Niece stole deceased father-in-laws Really heavy gold necklace. He always wore it was very sentimental to my wife. Denies it to this day

My in-laws. Have paid over $70,000 on some land out of state. My husband passed away three years ago Friday my name is not on the land and they have me out of the will.

my SIL - she has interfered with 70% of my children and her "involvement" stirred contention and destroyed relationships. It has broken my heart. Kids are the carnage in this. She focuses on the bad and even makes up stuff. It hurts them which is my deepest pain.

married for 20 yrs and my husband cheated on me with my niece... #canttrustanyone

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