TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a bizarre living situation?

Me my ex, her friends family of 7 were all living together. She was sleeping with the wife for about a year then married her husband but that’s a different story.

My sister in law lives with her ex husband. He pays for all the bills while she spends his money. Her boyfriend stays over night too. Awkward

My brother and his wife just moved. They did live with another couple that they swing with. His secret I found out that the family doesn't know

I lived with my husband best friend after my husband passed away. No sexual relationship with his friend just he needed a place to stay.

My uncle lives in Salt Lake and his wife lives in Texas, they make it work with each other for holidays and a few times a year.

When I was in high school I lived with my mom, step dad, real dad, half brother, stepbrothers, and one of my best friends. Parents were all long haul truck drivers and never home at the same time.

Growing up my grandparents were married but lived right next door to each other. Refused to get divorced. They would set timers to make sure that we spent the same amount of time at each house

A lady and her boyfriend live in the garage of the house she lived in with her husband.. husband and kids still live in the main part of the house

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