TEXT TOPIC: Did you know it was gonna be trouble?

at beginning of relationship ex bf said he was accused of harassment but it wasn’t his fault. Ended up being manipulative and abusive.

I was going on a date to the movies and we wanted to smoke some weed before cause it was a tripy movie. He was afraid to smoke before we left the house because he didn’t want to drive high. He said let’s just smoke in the parking lot before the show. Me being a season stoner knew this wasn’t a good choice. we should keep it home. I decided to go through with it and sure enough we got busted in the parking structure smoking. First in counter with the law and I totally knew better.

i knew i shouldn't have gotten married, we had problems, but he begged me and i did. Now we are going through a divorce and things are getting ugly.

resumed dating my ex after she left me for another guy. A few months later she got engaged... While we were still dating.

last year I adopted a three leg cat and the fourth leg was a stump. A few months later she had major problems with that stump and ended up getting shattered and had to be amputated. I had buyers remorse for a while because I am a college student and couldn’t t afford the bill. Luckily best friends paid for the amputation and now my little fur ball is back to normal

Bad decision was becoming roommates with people I didn’t know.

didn’t feel good about me taking a particular position. I am now one of the employees being affected by this Sell out of employees.

Started seeing a guy Who was divorced a couple of years ago and Has put a few posts kind of recently about how he misses his ex-wife on Facebook. Writing on the wall

dad invested with this guy and knew that this guy was sleazy invested anyway. Lost about 50k

trying to fix things with my ex best friend. Thinking she had changed she hasn't and has been nothing but drama and issues. Walked away not looking back.

people told me not to co-sign on a mortgage with my sister’s boyfriend. 2 years later he took off leaving the house $4500 behind despite getting payment money from me each month. 9 years later I’m just now getting to a point of getting him off the loan.

getting involved with my co-worker. Don’t know how to get out now :(

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