TEXT TOPIC: Did you get bad advice?

Did you get bad advice?

my mother in law told me I didn’t have to pay my last month of rent. She said to just buy a new social security number

horrible advice "who cares if you're both still in school and you got laid off. Get pregnant and just get on Medicaid. I want grandbabies!"

Mom wanted me to marry my ex only bc he was an engineer. Told her I didn’t love or even like him. She said the best love was learned love.

"Don't wash your genitals in public"............ thanks for the nugget of wisdom Grandma

my parents told me to file bankruptcy at age 24 when I was only 8k in debt. Worst advice I've ever had!

my parents advice was to get rid of my one year old pup and move home instead of moving in with my boyfriend

aunt advised put rental up for bail $$ for daughter And ex wife will make sure she doesnt run. NOPE NOPE NOPE didn't do.

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