TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: 911 Dispatchers

Confessions in Professions: 911 - Do you work there or did you call? 

called 911 for guy driving wrong way on I80

Called 911 on thanksgiving morning because my mom who has cancer was having really bad pain so we had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital before she passed out

my mom is a dispatch supervisor and has been for 25 years! It’s a love hate type of job! There are some crazy stories of callers, but we lived our life with my mom thinking the worst was ALWAYS going to happen to us.

I don’t think people know that we actually care about them. We cry with you and feel your grief. We morn your loved ones with you. We want to help you as best we can

my cousin works for SLC dispatch & they get calls ALL the time from people in drive thru windows about food complaints!

i called 911 because some idiot was beating up his pregnant girlfriend with another baby in arms in front of my house. I ran out to grab the baby from her arms and try to get away from him

my wife called 911 and Utah because my ex wife in Minnesota was having an allergic reaction to A bee. Saved her life

dumb calls: my neighbor snow blowed snow onto my lawn... was there just an earthquake? (Yes are hurt?) No.. Just wanted to make sure.

Called cuz there was a HUGE furniture box in the middle of 2 lanes on 215. Said I needed to be transferred to Highway Patrol.

last time I called 911 was for my ex roommate showed up. Violated the protective order I had to get on them. Hoping he doesn't do it again

I’m an officer and a lady called 9-1-1 because her cat was hissing and not letting her out of her bedroom. We got there and the cat ran off... she was a little scaredy cat (and so was the cat)

last time I called 911 was when I was like 5 years old and my brother poured water all over me. I didn’t know any other number but 911 so I called it and starting screaming into the phone cause my brother was chasing me. Later the police showed up and my mom just got home and she got a ticket

My 15 year old son called 911 because he was mad at me for picking him up from a sleep over at his cousins that I don’t approve of. His father (my ex) told him "that was the most mature thing" he has ever done. Called 4 houses down from our home.. on his new Iphone. How do we teach kids to be decent? Smh

my grandpa called 911 because my grandma fell and we weren't home. I guess the fire department comes and helps out. They have EMTs on call.

husband called 911 as I delivered our baby as we were hurtling down freeway going 70. Scariest day of my life and dispatcher was a calming force.

called 911 because some dude was following me and my mom pretending to shoot us.

a friend s teenage son called 911 on his mom because he didn’t want to cut the lawn. Cops came and sided with Mom who started crying and cops had a long respect talk with the son

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