TEXT TOPIC: Who said I love you first in the relationship?

My husband said it first after we were dating for only 3 weeks. I told him kay thanks.

My husband first said I love you and I followed with you stupid.

I said "I love you" 1st. Or so I thought. For 3 months he would say "ya tebya lyublyu" to me all the time. I later found out, that's I love you in Russian.

I said I love u first after 2 months and a few drinks. Crickets. Never said it again until he said it 6 months later. We re still happy, bought home!

I was the first one to say I love you and it slipped in a voice mail she got mad and then agreed after a week haha

It was me. After a few weeks of being together I needed a DD from a party so he picked me up in his pajamas and I was so drunk and in my feelings

I absolutely said "I love you" first. I knew I was head over heels for him very quickly!

My husband told me he loved me first. I returned with oh I love it when you say that. I did that for a while. He hated it.

My boyfriend said it first on the 3rd day of seeing each other.

My fiancé said it 3x before I even acknowledged. Kind of like how it was when I asked him out and got completely ignored a few times. Payback lol

Hubby was first to say ILY. Thought he had already said it so he posted it w/a song on my FB that reminded him of me Super cute so I wasn’t mad.

Told a guy Ioved him. as soon as the words came out I felt sick and gross. I broke it off 2 weeks later lol

He said it 3 weeks a couple times, I wasn’t ready. I waited several months and now he’s not saying it back? Payback? I m confused

My boyfriend said I love you this spring. I didn't say it until this November when he was in the hospital....he waited 6 months.

Husband of 12 years told me he loved me on our 3rd date. I was 18 and he is 8 years older, I just laughed and ignored him then.

I said it 1st after a year of dating. He said "okaaaay..." Married almost 4 years now

been dating 4 months. She said it first but I'm recently divorced and don't feel I can give my heart to someone else while it is in pieces. I do love her.

I said it to him, well sang it, first on our 4th date. We will be celebrating 14 years on the 18th!

I said I love you first, he said "ditto" for about 2 months before actually saying the words I love you. We have been happily married 15.5 years.

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