TEXT TOPIC: Which parent are you most like?

I'm like my dad, very analytical. I like it all to fit together at the end of the day. I'm also a total daddy's girl so I picked it up that way.

I’m not like my mom. My kids will complain about something I’m doing and I’ll tell them you’ll thank me later and I stop and laugh because I’ve turned into my mother! When it comes to parenting I most definetly take after my mom.

I catch myself sounding like my mom a lot, especially when I say certain things. But temperament and personality I’m a lot more like my dad. Patient, quiet, non-attention seeking (which is the complete opposite from my mother).

I'm like my dad. We both think things through logically and are open-minded.

I am 100% my mom. Her attitude, mannerisms, looks, everything.

I do chores like my mom (bouncing around before one chore is finished then back and forth.)

I take after my dad. I’m always turning off lights, shutting the external doors, washing out & reusing food containers (like sour cream tubs).

Definitely most like my mom... from mannerism to passive behavior.. but the worst of it all is how alike we look. She was always the M.I.L.F growing up.. but she relishes in being asked if we are sisters when we are out.

I am like my mom because I am 100% okay with going to the store or anywhere else in my pajamas. I am more for comfort than fashion and my husband one day pointed that out to me and I can’t deny it LOL I love my pajamas.

Just like my dad I lie. They are BIG lies and now I do the same thing. 

I’m like my dad, we both are comfortable with public speaking and are good at it.

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