TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! January 29, 2018

We are back in our house after a long 2 weeks. Airbnb our house for Sundance. Got money in the bank! Haha

We had a system failure at work over the weekend, boss came after me with a vengeance. Turned out it was a partner issue, boss is now kissing my rear, yes! I have a chip in the game. 

My daughter and her drill team "Silverline" from Fremont High School in Plain City are competing in the State semifinals this Thursday!!! Good luck girls!! Wooo!

Just found out baby number three is a girl! That makes three girls..... So excited!

My husband got into the doctoral program for physical therapy at the U! Over 3 years of working to get him there!

I'm down 41 lbs!!! That's my good news for today.

I‘ve been with my company for five months now and I’m about to hit $100,000 in sales. I’m going to love my paycheck! Happy Monday!

Something good... me and my bestie leave to Florida tomorrow for a week to visit our friend so excited for warm weather!!

My something good is we start our IVF injection treatment this week.

Oldest daughter has state drill comp this weekend at UVU go Bernadettes!! My middle daughter turned 16 this past weekend.

I'm doing my first round of IUI this week.

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