TEXT TOPIC: What video or pics do you have on your phone?

What video or pics do you have on your phone that your friends or family tell you not to post or to delete? 

I have a short video of my husband dancing to haha poker face

My bf did a naked snow angel on a dare. And let out a giant fart when he got up. I have it all on video. He begged not to post it---The naked snow angel......he s actually more embarrassed by the loud fart than the nakedness ==

have a photo of my mom on an early Saturday morning I screenshotted while my son was FaceTiming her and she had total bed head and sleepy lines on her face.

my wife texts me some topless selfies every Friday when I''m at work. I love it. She wants me to erase the immediately. I do, but not before I save the pic in a private folder on my phone

My friend has 1 of me when we were at softball had one to many

My best friend is playing with my son in the snow and she biffed it on sidewalk. The fall was epic! Ha ha

have a picture of my brother wearing lularoe leggings

my husband dancing and singing to Santa baby. Oh man I love my husband but he’s got nothing on Marilyn

have my husband coming of anesthesia and it s priceless he kept telling the doc that his customers need him

have a video of sexy time, I had with a married women. She asks for me to send it to her every now and then. Cause she deletes it every time

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