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Group Therapy: Cousin A is graduating with honors, Cousin B is getting married. All on the same day! Which event do you attend? 

This happened to me and a cousin I moved my wedding 3 weeks no big deal her cousin is being an ass

Think the immediate family should definitely go to the graduation because that girl worked her tail off! I go to the graduation if it was my niece just saying

I would NEVER plan something on top of someone else's day, regardless the situation. Its ur big day,I would enjoy it and not go to the wedding. I’m that petty.

Her day is not more important than yours! & it's pretty messed up she would do that.

Poor girl. I can relate didn’t marry till 25, invite immediate family close friends day of graduation. Have a 2nd party for others another night. Secretly flip cousin the bird & pray for her. You will find yourself a hot dentist w/ your new job & life will be much better not rushing into a relationship like that. Not too mention looking at the +side as inconsiderate people show in your life.

Weddings R more for the family where graduations r more 4 U. Be proud of yourself! This may not b the only time fam wont support you

Tell your listener to be the bigger cousin and don't hold any grudges for those who decide to go to the wedding. It will tear you apart if you do

Honestly as many days in the calendar to get married but only one graduation day.

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