TEXT TOPIC: Who is the ___ in the family? January 24, 2018

Father in law bday Sunday too religious and DRY! Ugh don t wanna go!

Mom-inlaw I know ur working 2 jobs & in full time school, but u don t have kids, u should have time 4 Sunday dinners.

I am that person! It drives me bonkers that my cousins can t make it our reunion. It s the one day we all get together a YEAR! #overit

My sister calls me crying every time I don't come I'm sorry, but your kids are brats.

Frandma. she's full of drama and starts fights. in fact her 80th birthday is Saturday and we won't be there. I'm sure we'll hear about it. from Mr x

My mom. If anyone misses she says how it was the best event ever. The most spiritual experience or we had the best food or something that makes you feel bad for missing

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