TEXT TOPIC: What drama happened at your apartment complex?

I live in the apartments in Herriman where that shooting was last weekend. I’m glad he is arrested

people below me set off their fire alarm (not smoke detector) 5 times before they were investigated. Turned out they were cooking meth.

was home w/baby. Swat team busted open my door, but they were looking for neighbor (wrong address). Neighbor saw and got away. Scared the shizz outta me!

living in an apartment when some guys opened my front door and threw several lit fireworks into my living room Turned out being labeled a hate crime by cops

tenant across the hall was dead for a week before anyone found him. They couldn't get him out on the stretcher because the halls were so narrow.

had a pretty crazy and volatile neighbor once. He would get in arguments and fights with his roommates often. One time his fist came through my wall along with some insulation. He had to get 16 stitches because of it.

neighbor poured gasoline on husband and was going to commit murder suicide. Clergy asked if we would watch their kids while they got her help.

lived in some apartments in Cottonwood Heights, and one night at about one in the morning I could hear my downstairs neighbors fighting and it quickly escalated into him beating her and her screaming for help. I called 911 and by the time the cops got there he had her out on the sidewalk standing over her kicking her and punching her and then tried to run from the cops

neighbor Down stairs decided to walk outside butt ass naked seen my dad and sprinted back in his apartment

Lady complained she couldn’t count her hubby s income on apt application #druglord; few months later she stabbed someone in the apt!

Served a mission in Jacksonville, FL. Living in inner city, there was a shooting right outside my door one night. It was so loud I thought the shooter was in our room. Im pretty sure I POOPED my pants that night

neighbor going solo in front of window

lived in some apartments in Taylorsville and my neighbor murdered someone or got murdered but the police had it taped off and I couldn''t go in my apartment one night and had to wait a whole day the next day there was hair all over the stairs

apt in SLC, told 2 watch 4 man there that was banned for doing archery in living room and almost hit neighbor in neck w/arrow while practice

landlady knocked my door around 10pm wearing nothing but sarong, asked for ice cream &asked to wake up my hubby & asked me 2 go 2 sleep, I said no.

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