Tramautic Saturday Morning for this Utah family

This weekend a man broke into the home and shot the guy. Drove up to Herriman reservoir which is why we were on lock down. The man who was shot is in critical condition, and his family has a go fund me account. 

"This is my family. I am the oldest daughter and I got a heartbreaking call early Saturday from my mom saying their house was broken into and my moms husband was shot; nothing you ever want to hear. A prowler was confronted by police and fled on foot, after running and jumping a couple of fences, he unfortunately ended up in their backyard, shot the glass out of the back door, came through the house and stole my moms purse. He was then approached by moms husband and the suspect started shooting; shooting my moms husband multiple times. The suspect then backed my moms car out of the garage, not aware that they have two other vehicles in the driveway and damaged both. He drove away and left my moms SUV crashed a couple miles away and has yet to be found. This GoFund me is to help my family with medical expenses, fixing their vehicles, and moving expenses. Anything and everything will help, if you can’t donate, please share ❤️"

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