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Tell us something GOOD! 

been doing the keto diet for 3 weeks and I've lost 9 lbs!

got the dream new job! Burned out of healthcare...back to finance! *$ ching ching $*

I am going on a family cruise this Friday! So excited for a break

This coming weekend we will find out if baby number 3 is a boy or a girl

took our 15 month old sledding for the first time. She loved it!

something good my daughters cheer team Fusion Sirens not only took 1st place over the weekend at their competition they scored the highest at of all the teams in every division and level. We find out tonight if they got the bid to compete this Spring for ESPN in Florida. Chances are looking good for this senior team. We are really excited for the athletes who age out this season who have yet to have this amazing opportunity at the biggest competition for cheer in the world!

got chosen as a surrogate. Excited to give someone the chance to be parents

something good, sent in final pmt to be debt free except mortgage. Then refinanced to a 10 yr on mortgage. #housepaidoffby42 #hallelujah

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