TEXT TOPIC: Do you travel much?

My co workers wife has never driven herself past Brigham City. She’s lived in Tremonton her whole life and just refuses to drive that far on the freeway.

32, have never left the US and have only visited about 6 states.

52. Never been out of the country and haven't been to 10 states.

im 31 almost 32 never been of country, more than 5 states and have never been on a plane

I am 21 and I have been to California Colorado Nevada and Illinois And been on a plane once

I’m 27 and have only traveled to 6 states, which two of those were just layovers.

my mom is 63 and she has only been to Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and California

I'm 27, i haven't visited many states. I've been to Florida,Texas, Colorado, California, Vegas, Idaho, and well of course Utah

haven't left the country but i love to travel but now im planning and saving to do a europe tour next Year. I even learned French-28

29, never left the country. Visited exactly 10 states.

I'm 24. Never left the country but I've been to 12 states other than Utah and flown multiple times

I've never been outside the US, strictly due to $. In fact, the only reason I've been able to travel here is cuz some1 else has paid.

37, never left country visited 9 states (most touch Utah), flown twice, flipped out both times, 1 w/new baby, 1 alone. Hyperventilating & snot everywhere.

I’m 39 I’ve never flown before. And I have only been to a handful of states.. never been out of the country.

I am 28. I have never left the country and have only been to 7 states: Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Orgeon, Alaska, California, Arizona. Only been on a plane to and from Alaska.

First flight I was 28. 10 hours from Jersey to Hawaii. Jennifer from Jersey

23 Nevada Az New Mexico Idaho Wyoming Colorado only 4 family emergency's or power ball lol never left the country

42 in March have been to less than 7 STATES and have only flown twice

I have never left the country and I have never been east of here I've been to less than 10 states but I'm going to Mardi Gras next month woohoo

crazy mel has never left the country 35!!! 1st time I flew I was 21.

36 I have never been on a plane. I've been to less than 10 states . I just never have been able to fly or afford it for that matter

grew up with a girl who had 13 siblings. Didn t leave Utah County until she was 15 years old! For a school a field trip

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