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Fitness fail- I was lifting weights to failure and on my last rep I let out a loud girly squeal on accident. I was like crap so I followed it up with a deep manly grunt. And I m a big dude.

Fitness fail: at the gym with my petite female friend doing squats, she increased her weight and on the first rep she let out a very unlady like bodily noise - crowded gym, I couldn’t stop laughing

Not good to walk away from a machine to notice the next person using it is sitting where your face just was! Had NO idea what I was doing! Obviously!

Wear old underwear under my compression shorts. One day in as doing squats and when I went down, there a loud audible ripping of the underwear. Started laughing and couldn’t rack it

After back surgery, PT put me on total gym to strengthen legs. got stuck in a squat. farted. all eyes on me so I yell jet power. Stopped p.t. forever

In a step aerobics with my friend, hit the step wrong, looked over at my friend and it was like slow motion as I FLEW backwards! WTH?!


Thumbnail Picture: Pexels-Victor Freitas

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