TEXT TOPIC: Did you check your account and money was missing?

$4,000 drained from my account as i was on hold with the bank. Someone got my information (ssn and dob) and withdrew it in $300 increments. Got it back

we put all the money we received from our wedding in am account and the teller deposited it into someone else's account. Luckily they fixed it after a week

$200 someone skimmed my debit card here in SLC, they bought gift cards in Logan. Idiots.

Some "company" in Italy hit my scout 13x back to back totaling 4,650. Never got it back

Had 800 taken from account. Debit card skimmed at gas station. Wife and I had to cancel weekend getaway. Bank put money right back .

years ago my bro lost $1800. Roommate stole checks. Got money back. Guy moved out of state

Was online checking my account. I noticed $300.00 withdrawal charge in 2005. Called the bank. One of tellers pulled it out of the wrong account

parents had $3 mill disappear the day after they sold their house from their acct at our small, local bank. Was a system error from when bank systems refresh at night & took almost 24 hrs to find where the system had put the funds. Think the bank manager needed a diaper that day.

$$ started disappearing from my account. I hurried to the bank and drained my account. Come to find out my account number had been printed on someone else’s checks. The bank fixed the problem.

have a savings that takes money out in $500 amts. When I went to take $ out the bal. was at the wrong amt. long story short someone else one with a name similar to mine pulled over 2k out of my act. Luckily it was resolved.

bank account wiped out twice. First time $8,000 by someone in Turkey. money was reimbursed by credit union. second time $2,000. Went to a restaurant and waitress decided to give herself a $2,000 tip. Got that back as well.

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