Get a hold of ManServants to be treated like a queen

This California based company knows what they are doing. 

The creators tell how it became a company, "It started out as a joke, and then it was real. A girlfriend of ours needed help planning a bachelorette party. The consensus was strippers were out of the question. We all suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stripper Disorder) at some point or another, with the awkward photos and horror anecdotes to prove it.

That’s when we realized male strippers are hand me down fantasies from men. So we asked ourselves, “What do we really want?” And in a true music video daydream sequence during work breaks, we realized we wanted ManServants—sent to treat women like queens, with the assured promise of keeping their tuxedo’s on."

Check out the video below, maybe you would want this for yourself or for a bachelorette party! 


Thumbnail Picture: Pixabay

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