TEXT TOPIC: Do you make more than your man and he doesn't like it?

I out earn my husband almost 2 to 1. It bugs him that he feels like he’s not providing enough for the fam, but I have a degree and he doesn’t

I make about 4x my husband. He doesn't mind. But I resent him for it.

My brother wouldn't mind it if my sister on law didn't throw it in his face as much as possible. :(

My job is paid hourly. My hubs was commission only (he just quit) he had a hard time cause he felt like he wasn’t providing if he didn’t get a sale

Grew up in home where mom made 5x more than dad (literally). They almost got divorced, but dad eventually wised up. Now they dislike my fiancé because were in similar position. #ironic

My hubby is more upset because I make more as a 911 dispatcher than he makes as a corrections officer

I make more than hubby hourly, the only thing that makes it "ok" is I only work 1hr/dy. So monthly he brings in more. We don't talk bout hourly wages cuz of it

My ex husband couldn’t t stand that I made more money than him that was a huge factor in our divorce. My new husband loves it!

My husband is spouting off and throwing shade at me because I just graduated from nursing school and will be out-earning him when I start work. Boohoo man.

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