TEXT TOPIC: Who in the family bugs you on social media?

Bro in law sends dozens of videos via messenger. I never respond. Take the hint. STOP!

my sister in law. She is always posting how much she loves her kids and her man "especially" around tax season. But her kids are with my mother-in-law most of the time and she is always cheating on her man on the weekends when he is at work

multiple of my cousins are constantly posting on different social media platforms but can never respond to messages from me or my family #forgetyou

have an aunt that is retired and spends way to much time commenting on everyone s FB with her very judgmental opinions! I have to delete her comments all of the time!

my 50 year old aunt. She acts 15 on FB. Posts over edited photos and talks about her bf like she's in high school.

it s my mom. She makes multiple post about how she doesn’t care about what other think of her. If u really don t care, Y do u need others 2 know?

cousin always making group chats on Facebook. As soon as Im online he messages me hey .

I blocked him. He s so annoying!

my dads ex mother in law of 22 years. She sends me things on FB messenger after I like them on Fb. She s nice but she s a pain in the ass

My in-laws EVERYONE OF THEM. Vaguebooking those random ass pictures that say I bet I won’t get one like or share and it shows a picture of something depressing. And they can’t spell to save their life.

my Aunt and her kids! Omg. They post passive aggressive posts about the rest of the family and make the illusion they live this perfect extravagant life. So sad

my sister, every time she starts something new we have to hear about it on social media. School, hobbies and weight loss...everything! When we go to family events she likes to inform everyone how many likes she gets on a post. Then claims people are jealous of her if they don’t like her post.

all three of my grandmas compete with each other and try to show who loves us more on our posts

my grandpa always comments on my stuff and then says thanks for the invite.. dude you re my grandpa not my homie

my aunt comments on everything I post or am tagged in. She commented on my roommates moms post about her and said is this your roommate smh

unfollowed my sister on Facebook because of her daily selfies and quiz results. Can't handle it.

Husbands cousin. Post how poor she is then that she is going on a bible thumping cruise. Or about her ex (hello your kids can read that)

sister in law. Claims to be poor single mom yet always bragging

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