TEXT TOPIC: What were the last words your family member uttered?

My husband's last words were "I need a nap let me rest." He never woke up again. It will be 3 years on Monday.

mother in laws last words were Jesus is real. And he is coming for me. She said all that smiling. Comforts my heart.

My great grandma told my great-aunt that my great-grandpa wasn't her dad on her deathbed.

my grandfather on his death bed told my father he needs to search for his brother that he had with another woman. My dad has a Brother that he didn’t know

It doesn't hurt anymore

my moms last words to me were instructions on where to pay her life insurance premium and made me promise to make the payment that day

my grandpa work out at dugway the day before he died he told me aliens are real and they are here

grandma; take care mijo (son) finish school, accomplish your goals

my grandmothers last words were- momma! It was as if she was there and she was saying it to her mother

Where is my Pepsi?

My grandma said "it's so beautiful" before she passed away in the ICU

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