TEXT TOPIC: Group Therapy: Should we have more kids?

Group Therapy: A married couple has one kid. The hubby wants one more and wants them close in age. The mom feels like she is done. What should she do? 

You will never regret having a child. But you might regret later not having one

the greatest gift I gave my son is his brother. How would YOU feel if u didnt have any siblings.

follow your heart. Don't let society tell you how many kids you need, they are not the ones raising them.

I am 26, felt the same way. Had my first son and was done! I got pregnant two years later as a surprise and am SO happy my boys have each other now. They are the best of friends!

I have a 10 year old, he's my only one. I knew when I was done. Go with your gut

my son was the only child for ten years, had only child syndrome. Had my other two 2yrs apart, best decision. They play and entertain each other

don't do it. If you don't feel like you should have another one don't take a few years and re evaluate. I did and had another one 5 years apart

All mom's know when they're done. I was done after 2 which is easier than just 1 and surprise now I have #3.

my sister and I are 2 years apart and hated each other until we became adults so not all siblings take care of each other and play together.

only in this state would you be pressured to have more kids than you want. Be your own person, make your own decision.

I think everyone knows what they can handle & shouldn't feel pressure to take on more. But I felt the same with my 1st, and now can't imagine not having #2

other people don t have business in your uterus. If you don t want to have another wait a few years and re-evaluate. You have time. I m 36 and just starting my fam

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