TEXT TOPIC: Besides physical, what do you think it sexy about your spouse?

His non judgmental loving personality!

When I do the dishes and fold the laundry

My hubby is always the first person to jump in and help with anything before anyone asks. So thoughtful so sexy

The thing that sexy about my hubby as he comes home and does the dishes and cleans the kitchen and then cooks me dinner I am loving it

Knows how to fix or build things.

I think it s super sexy that my partner presents at medical conferences. I love that he s so smart and engages other people with his knowledge

Nothing sexier than when hubby gets down on the floor & plays & wrestles w/the babies, expect when he gets up w/em in the middle of the night! Winner!!

My hunny is sexy when he dances to old songs like backstreet boys. He watched the videos and practiced them years ago and will just bust out dancing wherever we are if song is on

I think my wife's handwriting is sexy

My husbands work ethic is sexy!

Watching him be a father with our daughter!!

My wife is a nurse, she plays the piano, and she bakes me brownies!

My hubby being the boss at work and how fast he was promoted.

My husband is a high school head football coach. The way he cares for the kids, their future, and make sure they are on the right track with school is sexy to me. He’s a hard worker and spends countless hours caring for other people kids

My husband is most sexy when he does his side jobs laying brick his concentration talent and love for his work

His love for our daughter, and his ability to always make me feel loved even when I'm bingeing psycho lol

Driving the fork lift at work

My hubby is so sexy to me because he knows how to work! He knows how to fix things and is a man s man!!

Her humor Plus she's hot ;)

Me and my husband fight over who gets to hold the baby after work. so sexy

I get so attracted to my husband when he does yard work. When he is outside working on the fence, or cutting down a tree. If it makes him sweaty I''m like yeah baby!!

When my boyfriend wakes up in the morning his voice is all raspy and omg it is just so sexy and I love it!

Sexy hubby because he will always kiss me good bye in the morning no matter how big of drag down fight we have had

I love the way my husband adores our daughter. The way that he is so secure an satisfied in our relationship. The way he works so hard everyday. Working 80 hr weeks sometimes. It''s SO attractive

I love my husband's manners. He's so polite and nice to everyone. Very sexy

His work ethic and hunger for more is so sexy. He's always supportive of my dreams, goals or any crazy ideas I have.

He does what I say without complaining.

My husband cleans without being asked, and he does all the dishes

My husband is a mechanic and I find his dirty hands so sexy because it shows he isn't afraid of hard work.

I find it sexy that my husband took my son in as his own and was willing to adopt him we have been a family for 5 years

My hubbys kind/loving nature. Everyone is drawn to him. I am super lucky!!

My wife is hilarious! And she gets along with everybody and I love that. And that booty!

My husband is an awesome presenter for his job. I love how he can command the attention of the room!

I love my hubby is a giver. He has made me breakfast every morning for the last 15 years.

My husband does hair and watching him cut and blow dry hair, especially my hair is so sexy to me.

It is sexy how my husband can figure out how to fix household problems without losing his cool. Such as plumbing and electric

My husband carelessly donated his kidney to a child we had never met. He is always willing to help strangers.

He is so manly and good at everything. He is also very coordinated and good at every sport. It s annoying but sexy at the same time.

It is sexy is the way he looks at me. I'm a hard person to love, so it's even more special.

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