TEXT TOPIC: What passive aggresive message to you wanna send out?

you know that money u borrowed that you said you'd pay me next Tues and its 4 months you think I can get that

go back to Alta view no one likes your condescending bitchy comments plus your old and slow!

I am so mad at my parents. I live with my boyfriend and we want to get married and my parents think we are just the worst people for doing that and shouldn’t even have a wedding and won t support us whatsoever and think that if everyone knew they would be so disappointed! Screw them and their religious beliefs

stop always asking me to baby-sit, maybe sometimes I would like to go out with you guys but I m always the escape goat of watching your damn kids. Don t get me wrong I love them but I also would like to go out

No I don t like you. But not talking to you isn’t considered bullying so stop posting shiz about me on Facebook.

hubs u complained when x-gfs let themselves go but now you let yourself go, and wonder why you re not getting n e action.

Stop! Stop! Stop singing and humming in the office. We re in a big group of cubicles. Everyone can hear you and nobody wants to listen to that!

Park in front of your own house! You have a corner lot, more more real estate than anyone!

respond to my text messages, I m tired of guessing what you re thinking

how about you stop cheating on your husband you whore

You d have more friends if you weren’t such a rude bitchy person! Get over yourself! You lost a good friend!

confide in you as my close sister in law.... stop flapping your gums so it stopes getting back to our mother in law

Go back to California you homewrecking hoe bag no one likes you!

why does my account have to constantly go negative to care for our child? You have a job as well, pay your damn child support!!

Neighbor…parks in front of our house and usually on the sidewalk. They have their own driveway and own garage.

stop asking me if I'm ok just because I'm not taking. I'm at work and I'm WORKING! You're my coworker, not my friend. Stay the F out of my business!

mom in law, i am not as bitchy as you, doesn't mean im a door mat. back off telling me what to do with my kids & hubby

You're not an auto body shop please stop having it 9 to 12 cars out on yours on the street and parking on my lawn

haven’t messaged you for 6 months, take the hint. i don’t want to be your friend anymore!

to my brother in law that owes me $400. quit claiming you haven t received your taxes from last year & pay me! You obviously have money if you snap chat me pics of you smoking weed with your wife!

didn’t go to beauty school and put a salon in my house to do your hair for free. Annoying!

if you are an artist and you wanna make $$ respond to my damn FB message and meet me so I can buy your art!

stop playing the single mom card and asking for handouts. There are a lot of us out there! Grow up and get a job!

mother in law: quit babying your son, you re a psycho and narcissistic woman who is mentally ill and needs serious HELP.

want to tell my ex if he's gonna drink and drug himself to death he should at least get life insurance since he doesn't pay child support.

quit texting and calling your son. He doesn't want anything to do with your narcissist ass!

you don t have kids. Stop telling me how to raise mine. You still owe me bookoo bucks. Stop being delusional.

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