TEXT TOPIC: What expensive item did your dog chew and ruin?

my puppy chewed up my 300 dollar headphones. I cried haha.

my dog Luna ( the bernadoodle) has chewed holes in our walls, brand new baseboards and wiring on a refrigerator (not plugged in)

When my frenchie was a pup she ate not one, not two, THREE $250+ sweaters in one night while I was asleep

our puppy got a hold of my husband prescription safety glasses, $300 down the drain

our 8 month old lab has put 3 holes in our nice microfiber couch. He has also gone through 2 dog beds since we got him.

My dog ate $300 in $20 bills as a puppy! Bye bye Christmas bonus...

new trager smoker from Costco 1k. Dog chewed the plug NEVER USED

our black lab puppy ate our brand new camper trailer! Brake line, lights, wires, batteries, siding, etc. we didn t know until we went out in the spring to get it ready to use. Cost is $8,000 to repair!!!!

my lab pit mix chewed up my really nice smith optic snowboarding goggles. 2 months after bringing her home.

Had a toy fox terrier. Chewed up the carpet in the MIDDLE of our living room. No rearranging furniture there. Had to replace the whole room.

shih Tzu puppy, we went to the store came back and he scratched a giant hole in my new couch cushion, then ate the side of the couch, the bottom of the bathroom door and the cabinet.

shihtzu ate my $100 bill I got for xmas. The bill was between four $1 bills & a $20 bill but somehow he only ate the $100 & $20 bill.

My dog chewed through 2 computer cords, dining table chairs, small Xmas tree was still in the box and wall molding. He's 6 months old

went camping with my friends and I left my $400 pair of Burberry sunglasses on the table. I m sitting outside by the campfire and my friends mom asks if my sunglasses were fake... I said no... and she said oh no... the dog destroyed them... I was so mad that dog ruins everything

My dog as a puppy chewed up one Sorel snow boot tongue that my husband bought that Christmas for me. Right boot has half a tongue now

My friends dog chewed up their BMW key fob!! Was like $500 for a new one

Dog chewed on the Central Air Conditioning cords. Had to buy a whole new unit. $4000!

My dog chewed up most of our apartments carpet when we were at work one day. Needless to say it was a very bad day

Ate up my expensive Sonic care toothbrush!

our dog ate our couch

2 labs. One ate my mattress and 2 couches. One clawed at wallsand doors =)

My Aussie Bear ate my wedding ring from my first marriage never pooped it out. retriever busted my laptop.

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