TEXT TOPIC: What big secret are you keeping?

just found out I'm pregnant and I have NO IDEA how I'm going to keep it a secret!! #soeffingpumped

been holding my secret of my friend tracking her cheating hubby for just over a month.

got engaged on Christmas but haven't told anyone but immediate family. Don't want the when etc questions

my mom went to a lawyer to see about getting divorced. 2 weeks later she was diagnosed with cancer and canceled all paperwork with her lawyer. My step dad doesn’t know

kept my secret for YEARS and YEARS. I've been married for almost 18 years and I am falling out of love with him. It's now a matter of time for papers!

2 big secret issues! 1-My grandparents took to the grave that my grandmother was a divorcee, my mom was illegitimate and their actual wedding date was 2 yrs later than they thought. Celebrated their 50th anniversary and everything. 2- 1 Of my daughter’s 2 besties got so mad that my daughter didn’t tell her 1st that my husband had cancer that it ruined their friendship.

The secret I’m holding, My sister in law confessed to me that she s cheating on her husband and it s with her mother in law. She also told me they made a tape.

ended a pregnancy in April; haven’t told a soul

My wife kept a 3 month secret for christmas she got me a ar15 (armalite rifle) and it has been one I have been wanting forever!

My mom has grudges on both my brothers for different reasons. They don't know the reason but I do. 1 for in-laws intruding other for party pooper

not only did I not tell my ex I have a new boyfriend but I haven t told my current boyfriend I m not legally divorced yet, he just assumed

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