TEXT TOPIC: Do you call you parents by their first name?

my cousins call their dad by his Nickname from when he was in prison lmao so embarrassing

Me and 3 of my siblings call my dad by his name but my mom is mom.

I've been calling my parents by their names for years. Nothing disrespectful, we have a great relationship, just did it once and it stuck.

I’m white and husband Hispanic. I’ve had friends call parents by name-but not me. With our kids husband will whoop them from head to toe if they use our first names

My sister calls my mom by her first name. It annoys me

I have a 17 year old and a 21 year old and if they ever use my first name I immediately stop the conversation. I inform them that if they cannot address me as mom then the conversation is over.

my daughter tried calling me by name, I did not let that fly. I deserve and earned my title to be called Mom or mommy!!

call my dad by his first name cause we have worked together for 8 years and he never answered to me when I said dad so I started calling him Calvin at work and now it’s became habit all the time

My ex sister in law thought it would be funny to teach my 3 year old daughter to call me and my ex husband (her dad) by our first names. She''s 22 now and still refers to us as Denise and Toby.

my 2nd calls me Val most of the time. At first it was to get my attention... now just her thing. Doesn’t bother me unless I can tell by her tone it’s negative!

my husband calls is parents by their first names. I asked hwy he doesn’t call them mom and dad and he said they hate to be called that. They teach the grandkids to call them by their first names

one of my besties calls her parents by their first names all the time and it bugs her mom SO BAD. I just think in my head when she does it I’d get slapped for that!! Lol

call my mom by her name and it's cuz for the most part I don't like her or respect her

Hubby & his dad work together so he had to start using his name. It s stuck outside of work.

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