TEXT TOPIC: What do you do and how much do you make?

Stay at home mom so I make nada:) My hubby is a Chemical engineer and makes just over $100k

Nurse, I don t make enough for all the shiz I deal with (literally).. about 55k

Banking....Treasury Management $62,000 a year.

Paint cars and run a towing company and combined make around 100k a year depending on how busy my year is

Own a Pest Control company. I make 80k, 2 employees make about 45k each.

My husband is security for one of the hospitals and he has been there 6+ years. He makes $14 and was making 11 when he started. we are a family of 6 #underpaid

Commercial construction project manager 110k per year

Recess aid 10.00 an hour!

Garbage man cleared 65k this year but it still isn't enough for all the stuff we deal with during the holidays

I’ve been a nurse for 11 years and make $34/hr. Utah has the lowest paid nurses in the nation

Insurance claim representative for 11 years. 70k year

Boat salesman $125k

Mortgage loan officer 150k a year. Also started crypto trading this year & average about 8k/mo so far

Work for the state of Utah. Helping people apply for and receive welfare. Make barely over 35k a year

Network Administrator 65,000

Hubby makes 85k works at home most days he works in IT I literally do laundry for commercial and residential I make 35k

Collections officer and I JUST started making $16 an hour. Probably the lowest paying collections job out there

Truck driver $120,000 pension and paid medical insurance

Case manager for a government funded housing program. I make $15.10/hr. I bring in about $21,360 net a year.

Business office manager for a skilled nursing facility. I do all the insurance billing, manage over 20 bank accounts for my patients, do all the HR and Payroll and play bill collector all day. I make $22.44/hour

Insurance claim representative. 70k

Make eyeglasses for wholesale lab. $15 an hour plus production bonus and overtime. Cleared 40k this year.

Husband is elevator constructor makes around 100k with benefits included. I’m a therapist and make 50k.

System administrator (IT) 120k

General Equipment mechanic at Hill Air force base, make $26.78 after 3 years.

Realtor between $230-$260k on average

Office Manager in SLC, $45k with benefits. LOVE MY JOB!

Supervisor technician in pest control and make 40k a year

Program coordinator at s non profit. Make $16.50 per hour

Call center supervisor $18 an hour and I get over time

Executive Assistant $53k per year.

Crossing guard and make $20/hr, & only work 2 30min shifts a day. Great for a Mom of school aged kids, and babies.

I'm accounts payable clerk (I pay bills all day) and I make $85k a year. #thankful

Post insurance payments in hospital billing office, $11.30 hr about $6 of that goes to insurance == doing well I tell ya!

Cleaned portable toilets (A Company Inc) make 60k a year

I’m a first time administrator at a local assisted living community, I make 45K... RIDICULOUS!!! Other companies start my position at 85K+. I took the position for the experience, . What I’ve learned, is that my company is cheap. Bummer about that Masters degree I wasted my time on.

Trash man 85,000 a year

GM security 200k

Accountant. $52k a year. I work 16-20 hours a week.

Social worker for the schools in northern Utah, $35k

$40k per year. Firefighter. Not great for someone who goes into a burning building to save lives!

Executive assistant 55K

50,000 year equipment operator hashtag the pensions nice to

Night watch at a group home I make 11$/hr

High school counselor with a masters degree. $40,000 per year. One of the worst salaries in the country for the position.

District manager for a medical spa, $50k salary and bonuses. Brought in $72k this yr!

911 call taker 17/hr

Quality engineer $66k a year 25 years old.

$19.54 an hour Pharmacy Tech, I love my job. Gonna go back to school to become a Pharmacist

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