TEXT TOPIC: Is your Christmas present already broken or lost?

Husband gave me a dirt bike for Christmas. Took it out for the first time and laid it on its side. Broke the throttle handle.

As a child I got a transformer for Christmas and that next day my bro n sis were playing with it and broke it in half

Got a tracker for the keys in always losing. Lost it before I could put the batteries in, and put it on my keys. Yeah, I'm that good.

Have no idea where my $30 visa gift card is.

My toddler already wrote in permanent marker all over my new tv it won't come off

My wife got a nice new watch for Xmas! Smashed it while breaking up a NYE fist fight between friends!

Drone for Xmas took it outside 5mins l8r drone went higher than the trees n faster than I could run. Tried to call it back it never came back

My daughter bought dad a white Polo shirt. When wrapping it she wrote his name with black perm marker on the paper and the tip went through and made a perm black spot on front. Ruined!

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