TEXT TOPIC: Did you ask someone when the baby was due but they weren't PG?

I had a customer ask if I was pregnant. I m 5 8 and weigh 130, flat stomach...All my co-workers were like what the crap, dude?

I was with my bestie at her big family party when she asked her cousin she hadn’t seen in a while when she was due. Cousin gave a bad look and said Not Pregnant.... Awkward, but funny now.

Cashier asked if I wanted a b or g. I was so confused. They clarified - for your child!? B or g?! I'M NOT PREG :(

Lost 20 lbs, was in the best shape ever post babies. Husbands friend ask in front of me if I'm having a boy or girl. Set off severe depression for months

I’m a preschool teacher. Obviously 4 year olds have no filter. I get asked when I m going to have my baby ALL THE TIME.

Was asked if tattoos hurt. I said you can’t get tattoos pregnant. She said she wasn’t.(1 week later she came back saying she just found out she was pregnant)

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